“Nigeria has 65% arable landmass with tremendous agricultural potentials waiting to be cultivated. it is our desire to be a technology driven global corporate farming company engaged in commercial agriculture.”

Webster Group is committed to transforming our agriculture sector into a highly productive export industry through innovative solutions.

We recently acquired 50,000 hectares of land in the mountainous city of Jos in the plateau with the objective of investing in agriculture and the biofuel sectors and contributing to the socio economic of the local community.

We liaise with a vast network of foreign partners and distributors from Europe, North America and Asia with whom we work to service the local industry. Our products includes: crop protection agro-chemicals; Public health formulations; animal health chemicals; seed treatment chemicals and technical grade pesticides. Our services create new possibilities and standard values for our clients and customers.

We also render agro-allied consultancy services for bio-energy, soybeans processing, fishery, aggro-allied derivatives and industrial products.

We are not only committed to stocking the most qualitative products and implements, but at competitive prices and a healthy environment.


“It Started 30 years ago with a dream to cast the earth.
And the passion to give shape to that dream. With the courage to conquer a landscape and the confidence to change it. Because we realised even then that construction isn’t just slapping brick with cement. It is about creating standing ovations to mankind”.

Webster Group offers complete architectural, structural, surveying, construction management; construction cost estimating and value engineering services using the latest technology.

From conceptualization to commissioning, we bring highly innovative and competitive solution to meet our client’s demand for value added services. With our team of highly innovative architects, we provide the state of the art architectural designs from the scratch for new facilities and adaptive renovation of existing ones. Our architectural services are technology driven and up to date.

Webster Group has the capacity to design and build. We have expertise in civil and structural construction, including real estate, housing, road construction, bridge building and utility facilities. In addition, we develop drainage system, environmental water/wastewater and urban sewage system.

We also provide complete topographic survey, vertical and horizontal control for new and reconstructed roadway projects.

It is our culture to work with clients to understand their specific need in order to deliver fitted solutions.


“we do the thinking, while government implement”.

Webster Group works with a group of development experts, economists, policy analyst and management professionals in providing consultancy services for Government and government agencies in the areas of procurement, public utility services and infrastructures development.

We also work with and on behalf of States to develop and market their investment potentials and opportunities. Drawing from our extensive network of partners and our strong international and local presence, we are able to attract investor to States, while offering technical advice on public tenders and venture plans.

We also provide feasibility studies services and venture plans for foreign investors interested in the Nigerian market. We bring new and fresh ideas customized to the specific needs of our clients.


Webster is also active in the indispensable adjuncts of construction such as quarrying as well asphalt production


Webster Group synergies with a broad network of international partners in the energy sector making us a key and lead player in the industry. Working with our partners, we offer the following services:


  •  Generation and distribution
  • Maintenance, Modernization and Rehabilitation services for electrical installations
  • Supply of transformers and electrical parts
  • Installation/building works for the power distribution system
  • Efficient technical/economic solutions for power supply
  • Examination and repairs of the Electrical Power Equipments

Complimentary Activites

  • Downstream and upstream oil servicing and maintenance
  • Turnaround maintenance for refineries
  • Pipeline laying, design, engineering and protection
  • Oil prospecting activities
  • Drilling services/capital dredging/intermediate dredging
  • Product marketing
  • Offshore Structures (Jetty Piles, Offshore Platforms, SBM, PLEM)
  • Storage tanks, Haulage and logistics
  • Installation and maintenance of Oil facilities
  • Corrosion control
  • Most advanced welding technology
  • Training and Technical Services
  • Oceanic Engineering
  • Outsourcing of funds for projects

Oil and Gas

We provide environmental utility services covering compliance for water purification and distribution, waste management and sewage system solution. We are in business with patterning companies who have expertise in the design, engineering and management of these facilities.

We have the capacity for BOT and Turkey project in environmental utility services. We work with clients to upgrade existing system or design new ones that comply with regulatory standards.

Our services include:

  • Early Warning Systems
  • System planning and design
  • Water/wastewater plant design
  • Water quality management
  • Water supply planning and management
  • Building of Borehole
  • Design and building of Dams
  • Provision of surface irrigation system technology
  • Dredging Services
  • Building and installation of Incinerators and Thermal absorption units


Webster Group has strong local and international presence, through effective partnership in the health sector. We are a major distributor and supplier of pharmaceutical products: preventing medicine, vaccination and immunization. We work with health institutions and government agencies to provide these services.

  • Medical Equipments and tools.
  • Medical Research
  • Pharmaceuticals (Major tropical diseases)
  • Construction of tertiary and secondary health institutions
  • Mobile Health Centres
  • Preventive and curative Medicine


We provides integrated security system and services for critical infrastructures. We have a team of highly trained professional IT experts with whom we work to design and install security equipment. Our services thrive on partnership.

  • High Risk Sites and consultancy
  • Risk Analysis, threat assessment
  • Security audits and system design
  • Security integration: CCTV, access control, perimeter security, multi level communications networks, physical security barriers, real time and real time integration software and hardware, intrusion detection and fire detection
  • Integrated Monitoring Centres
  • Radar Supplies
  • IT security solution and products
  • Traffic enforcement solution
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Pipeline, Refinery and petrochemical plants protection


Working with our specialized partners, we provide support services for the transport sector. Our services are useful to enhancing qualitative performance, security and efficiency in the transportation sector especially in the road transport system.


  • Supply of Automobile
  • Intelligent parking system
  • Road marking technology
  • Road/Bridge Construction
  • Border Security System

With our consortium/partners, we can also provide qualitative services in other transport sectors such as Aviation, Sea Port and Rail.